8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release

Here at Cyber PR I frequently have musicians call and ask me to write and blast a press release for an upcoming EP or album.

Here is what I say: I will not write a press release for an upcoming EP or album.

WHY? Because they don’t work for EP or album releases.

The ONLY reason to write a press release is for a very specific event (like a show, a benefit or a special occasion) OR for a very niche market (a “genre” of music is not a niche but a charity benefit or a tech related news piece like you are featured in a new app is!)

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here is how to create a press release in 8 steps.

Press Release Format:

A press release should be one page only and on your letterhead.

(If you do not have letterhead put your logo or your record company’s logo at the top of the page).


All Press Releases start with ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’ written in the top left hand corner, always in CAPS.

Step 2 – Contact Information

Contact Info should include your first and last name (or the first and last name of a specific person) a phone number and an email address.

It should look like this:


Contact: Ariel Hyatt (212) 239-8384 [email protected][1]

Step 3 – Headline

Next comes the headline, which should be simple and centered and bold.

An example:

El Lev to Celebrate Release of EP with East Coast Tour

Step 4 – Subhead

This is an expanded part of the headline, which brings the reader in, and accentuates the headline by adding detail.

An example:

10-city tour supports Way Out West  his new EP

1 2